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  • Steamtech 4000 Gum Go

The Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner is a powerful tool in the war against chewing gum. Like the other models in the range the Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner is built using only the highest quality components and processes and our extensive experience in supplying powerful, durable and reliable cleaning machines. Chewing Gum is a menace in modern society. By some estimates up to 3.5 billion pieces of gum have at one time or another been dropped on UK streets. The sheer quantity and difficulty in cleaning it away makes chewing gum removal a massive problem. Duplex has the answer.


The only satisfactory method of chewing gum removal is piece by piece. Duplex’s Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner is the fastest way to do this and at a fraction of the cost of other methods and machines. The Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner combines dry steam with our exclusive Gum Go chemical applied through a specialist tool and brush using a simple hand-held control, dissolving the gum in seconds. The residue is then vacuumed away in one easy motion.


The Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner works on all surfaces, both indoors and out. The speed of the system minimises disruption in high traffic areas, whilst it’s effectiveness transforms the appearance of public areas. The Steamtech 4000 Gum Go Steam Cleaner is also effective in the fight against graffiti. Continuous flow Steam generator with integral vacuum and chemical injection.


Rotationally moulded body housing large capacity water and chemical tanks. 3000 w boiler fitted with 13 amp 240v plug. Supplied with dedicated hose, Chewing Gum Tool, detail brushes and 5 litres of Duplex ‘Gum Go’ chemical. Additional length hoses up to 12 metre are also available.


 Boiler Power (watts) 3000 
 Continuous Flow Y/N
 Water Capacity (ltr) 4+15 
 Pressure (bar) 6/8 
 Steam Temperature (ºC)
 Steam Volume (g/min) 97 
 Detergent Tank (ltr) 15 
 Power Supply (volts/Hz) 220/240 
 Vacuum Power (watts) 1200 
 Vacuum Drum (ltr) 14 
 Trolley/mop  l 
 Cable length (m)
 Weight (kg) 64 

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Steamtech 4000 Gum Go

  • Brand: Duplex
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